Month: February 2020

Episode 30: Jeanne Cavelos- Astrophysics, Sci-Fi, and the Odyssey Writing Workshop

Jeanne Cavelos and I talk about her journey from Astrophysicist to Sci-Fi editor, to writer, to creator of the Odyssey Writing Workshop. Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust site (lots of free resources for writers): Jeanne’s site: Odyssey Blog: Odyssey Facebook Page: Odyssey Twitter Page: Odyssey Instagram Page: Odyssey Pinterest Page: Odyssey YouTube Channel: The next…

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Episode 29: Joyce Chng- Rider

This episode is filled with SPOILERS, since we give specifics throughout our discussion. Theo Motzenbacker and I cannot say enough good things about Joyce Chng’s book Rider, which is the first book in the Rider trilogy. You can purchase copies of the series here: The next book we cover will be Love and Gravity, by…

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