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Episode 24: Dawn Sam Alden and Jen Albert- Fight Coordination and Klingon Tamburlaine

I had the great honor and pleasure of talking with Dawn Sam Alden and Jen Albert about their experiences as both fight coordinators and acting in classic theatre, including...

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Episode 23: Claudia Gray- Star Wars: Bloodline

This episode is filled with SPOILERS, since we give specifics throughout our discussion. Quick amendment to this episode: Hera WAS mentioned in Rogue One and the Ghost is one...

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Episode 22: Dr. Linh Anh Cat- Fungi, Reclaiming STEM, and Sci-Fi Book Reviews

Dr. Linh Anh Cat talks about her work on fungi, using her work in STEM to help inform public policy, her organization, Reclaiming STEM, and writing book reviews for...

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Episode 21: Magdalena Mouján Otaño- We and Our Own

Melissa Selzer and I talked about We and Our Own by one of histories most incredible women, Magdalena Mouján Otaño. The poem, of the same name, written by her grandfather,...

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Episode 20: V.S. Holmes, Writing and Archaeology

Part two of a crossover with the Amphibian Press Podcast, V.S. Holmes talks about her experiences as a writer, publisher, and archaeologist in the private sector. Part one can...

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Episode 19: Tamai Kobayashi- Panopte’s Eye

Neha Bawa joins me to talk about “Panopte’s Eye” by Tamai Kobayashi. A copy of the story is in So Long Been Dreaming: Post-Colonial Science Fiction and Fantasy. It...

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