Episode 28: Dalal Hanna and Andrea Reid- Riparia and Freshwater Ecology

Dalal Hanna and Andrea Reid, of the organization Riparia, and I talk about their work to educate young women on the importance of freshwater ecology and fisheries, as well as the importance of educating young women through Riparia on how they can make a difference.

Instagram: @Dalal_el_Hanna and @AndreaJaneReid and @RipariaExpeditions

Twitter: @Dalal_el_Hanna and @andreajanereid

Websites: http://bennettlab.weebly.com/dalal.html and http://andreajanereid.com/

Riparia: www.riparia.ca

The next book review will be on Joyce Chng’s Rider (Book 1 of the Rider trilogy), which can be purchased here:

The Rider Trilogy – YA SF

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