Month: April 2019

Episode 16- Dr. Nyssa Silbiger- Climate Change and Marine Ecosystems

Dr. Nyssa Silbiger talks about her work in Marine Biology and how climate change affects marine ecosystems. She also brings up the important, and often overlooked, element of how climate change is a social justice issue, and that changes happening in one part of the globe wind up affecting ecosystems in entirely different areas. Website:…

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Episode 15- Nisi Shawl- Everfair

This episode is filled with SPOILERS, since we give specifics throughout our discussion. Teresa Jusino, of the Finding Felicity Podcast, and the Leather and Love Podcast, joins me to talk about Everfair by Nisi Shawl (who it, admittedly, one of my favorite authors). NOTE: I kept calling one of the characters “Owens”, when his last…

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