This episode is filled with SPOILERS, since we give specifics throughout our discussion.

Sandra Escalante-Harder and I talk about The Blue Laboratory by L.T.Meade. You can find a copy of it in the  collection The Dreaming Sex, edited by Mike Ashley. It is more than likely available at your local library, or can be purchased on Amazon.

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We both loved this story, and how well it illustrated the creepy side of science, pairing the trope of tenacious governance with a bit of mad-scientist on the side.

I realized too late that we never gave a synopsis:

Madeleine, a young English woman, moves to St, Petersburg to become a nanny to the two children, Olga and Maroussa, of English scientist Dr. Chance and his wife. Once there she finds herself enlisted as secretary to Dr. Chance’s science experiments, after expressing an interest in the subject to the two girls. 

Olga and Maroussa warn Madeleine that one night they followed their father into the secret lab and hear someone calling for help. By ingratiating herself into his confidence, Madeleine soon discovers that Dr. Chance’s previous secretary, another English man, has been held captive and experimented on in the name of Dr. Chance’s desire to photograph thought.

With the help of Olga and Maroussa, Madeleine is able to free the captive secretary and have Dr. Chance arrested.

Our next story will be Everfair by Nisi Shawl.

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