Episode 10: Christine Boylan, Gina Young, Nicole Sousa- Sci-Fi Theatre

A very special episode with not one but three guests: Christine Boylan, Gina Young, and Nicole Sousa talk with host L. Stephanie Tait about the production of their Sci-Fi Lesbian Rom-Com play, Meet Cute. There are spoilers as we discuss specifics about the play.

Christine Boylan’s Bespoke Plays: bespokeplays.com

Gina Young: ginayoung.com

Nicole Sousa’s Bride-Con series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxUhMzJGPrznqeAF6i_ikM8-YrUGweCfq

Our next story will be The Blue Laboratory by L. T. Meade, which can be found in the collection The Dreaming Sex, edited by Mike Ashley. It is more than likely available at your local library, or can be purchased on Amazon.

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