TW: Discussion of sexual harassment in the workplace.


Dr. Diem approached me about having a discussion about some of the things she has encountered as a woman working in STEM a long time ago. We decided to record a “what would you have done” format for this topic. This episode inspired me to open it up into and ongoing part of this podcast, since it is first and foremost a podcast about women’s voices.

If you have encountered similar situations, we would love to hear from you. Also, if any women in STEM would like to share their insights using examples of what has worked for them, please comment below. Our goal is to have this be a wide discussion among female professionals, and to create a safe space where women can support each other. Remember to be kind: any disrespectful comments or trolling will be removed and reported at my discretion.

Our next book for Episode 5 (to be posted on Tuesday, November 6th) will be Ink, by Sabrina Vourvoulias.

The physical copy is more than likely available at your local library, but can also be purchased through here:

Ebook version:

(Also available through the iBooks app)

TW for INK: violence, racism, systemic racism, rape, domestic abuse.

If your triggers are from sexual abuse/assault, avoid the pages 37 to the top of 39, and pages 157 to the middle of 160.


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